Organized Chaos releases new song, “Big Boy”

Serbian progressive metal band Organized Chaos has released a new track and video. “Big Boy” is first of three singles that will prepare us for an EP release later this year in 2019.

“Big Boy” seeks to address themes of mental and emotional wellness, addressing patterns and traits of toxic masculinity and the inherent challenges of self improvement. The mind behind Organized Chaos, Vladimir Lalić  (who we interviewed last year) said of this track, “The song is about self- awareness, and growing up from a ego-boosted state. It is about realizing that you are in a rut and doing wrong and violent things trying to improve it, going in deeper and deeper. Mostly, it is about not being able to accept loss, and still having a strong wall around you”.

Regarding the EP, Lalić said,”The EP will be, for the first time for me in progressive music, a non conceptual album! The songs will be very different but linked with a similar atmosphere and sound. “Big Boy” will be by far the heaviest, and we will do a remake of one of the tracks from the first album as a bonus track.”

The track features heavy guitar work, technical wizardry, and Lalić’s incredibly versatile voice. Buy the track here on Bandcamp, watch the video below, and stay tuned for more songs from Organized Chaos!

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