Thomas and Arthur

Thomas and Arthur on the Bosphorus ferry in Istanbul, Turkey.
little kids
Arthur (the tallest), Thomas (in the red tie), and two additional siblings who have not explicitly consented to this photograph being featured on this site.

Thomas and Arthur Hatton are the creators of Proglodytes. We’re huge music fans and musicians, too. Since childhood, we have always been fans of progressive rock, and we created this website as a way to give a platform to our conversations about progressive music.

Thomas Hatton is a huge fan of music, but has a particular affection for progressive rock. He has written album reviews and features on progressive rock and metal for Treblezine and Linescratchers.  He is also a singer and multi-instrumentalist (true), and is currently working on his epic 4 disc concept album/holographic panorama/stage show that is a musical rendering of James Joyce’s ‘Finnegan’s Wake’, performed entirely in Elvish (false). During the day, he works with longitudinal data systems, which explains why he enjoys writing long think-pieces on progressive rock in his free time. He is also the father of two beautiful children and the drummer/singer for cover band Fourscore.

Arthur Hatton is a psychologist and music fan. His personal website, featuring original art, music, writings, and other stuff can be found here. Some older music he’s written can be found here. Arthur has a particular affection for: The Beatles, King’s X, Kevin Moore (Chroma Key and OSI), Yes (of all eras, including Trevor Rabin’s), King Crimson, and Anathema. He is a published researcher in behavioral science with expertise in religion, mindfulness, religious extremism, public responses to terrorism, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.