Evership releases new video, “The Serious Room”

Nashville-based progressive rock band Evership has just released a new video for “The Serious Room”, the opening track of their new album, Evership II.

Filmed at the Williamswood Castle in Knoxville, Tennessee, this video gives a setting for the somber opener. From their press release:

“‘The Serious Room’ is the first cut on Evership’s newest release “Evership II“. The video was filmed in February 2018 at a unique castle location in Knoxville, Tennessee. The song has an interesting background. In 2003, Shane Atkinson began thinking about pursuing music again, after a long hiatus. Just a vague yearning, he bought a single keyboard (an Alesis QS-8) and a very small drum kit (Sonar Jungle Kit) and an all-in-one Roland studio recorder, just to start tinkering again. Shane says, “The song just kind of fell out of the air. I started laying down some drums, just fiddling really. Music followed, simply as something to lay over the drum tracks, using the presets in the QS-8.” That production largely survives into the released song, as it became enshrined as one of the only pieces of recorded music Shane would make for another nine-plus years and became a favorite among family and friends. It also accounts for the song’s somewhat unique sound amongst other Evership material.

Shane says that it wasn’t intended to be an Evership song at all, but something for a future solo album. But when RosFest 2017 came along, Evership needed more material to fit the ninety-minute set, but they only had an hours worth. “I didn’t want to do thirty minutes of covers.”, he says. “Beau suggested ‘The Serious Room’, and I reluctantly included it in the set, which automatically made it a necessity on the next record.”

“Lyrically, I was listening to a lot of Steely Dan at the time. Donald Fagen has such a way of creating characters through his lyrics. Hence, ‘The Serious Room’ lyrics where mostly me creating a character; this post-victorian servant who yearned for the life of his master.” It was award-winning screen writer Micah Atkinson, the director (and Shane’s son who had grown up with the original song), who whipped up the subterfuge narrative rooted in the lyrics of the song, that together created what we now have as Evership’s first original music video.

“The Serious Room” music video will officially release on Wednesday, April 24th on Evership’s YouTube channel! Be sure to watch, comment, and share the video! Also, don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to Evership’s Youtube channel.

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