Podcast Ep. 22- Progtoberfest III!

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When you’re as obsessed with progressive rock  as we are here at Proglodytes, the idea of a progressive rock festival is like a dream come true. We are continuing with our series to promote the awesome American prog festivals, this time with Kevin Pollack, who is the principal organizer of Progtoberfest III. Kevin is a musician, actor, songwriter, booking agent, festival organizer and promoter, and all around jack-of-all-trades. We talked about the history of Progtoberfest, some of the really cool acts that will be playing this year, and finally, musings on the state of progressive rock music in 2017.

Click here to visit the Progtoberfest III website (to check the full lineup, purchase tickets, etc.)

Theme music for the podcast provided by ADVENT HORIZON.

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