Podcast Ep. 18 – John Wesley

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a-way-youll-never-beWe are extremely pleased to bring you an interview with the one-and-only John Wesley (Wes Dearth). Wes has played as a live guitarist for both Marillion and Porcupine Tree, and has recently released his ninth solo studio album, a way you’ll never be, which you can get on Amazon or Bandcamp.

In this interview, John Wesley talks about his upbringing, his history with Marillion and Porcupine Tree, the inspiration behind his lyrics, and his new album.

Also he mentions that Steven Wilson really isn’t as dour as you’re all making him out to be.


Proglodytes Radio Podcast is co-hosted by Arthur Hatton and Thomas Hatton, and co-produced by Arthur Hatton and Jim Britt.

Theme music for the podcast provided by ADVENT HORIZON. Bumper music composed and recorded by Arthur Hatton.


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