Proglodytes Cave Council, Ep. 1: Concept Albums, featuring Thomas, Cedric, and Gavin (Bent Knee)

Proglodytes Cave Council

In our latest episode of the Proglodytes Radio Podcast, we begin our latest series: The  Proglodytes Cave Council. The Proglodytes Cave Council was created to answer all of progressive rock’s lingering questions, in a talk show format. Each week will feature different guests from the world of progressive rock, ranging from bloggers to musicians to producers to fans. 

This week, we discuss concept albums. We talk about what makes a concept album good or bad, what constitutes a concept album, and our favorite concept albums. This week’s episode of Proglodytes Cave Council features Cedric Hendrix, blogger and author (visit his site here) , as well as Gavin Wallace Ailsworth, who is the drummer for one of the best art rock bands out there, Bent Knee (click to visit their site). We cover a lot of ground here, and we hope you enjoy our somewhat unconventional choices and discussion.

You can download the MP3 file here.

Music intro provided by Advent Horizon.


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