Podcast Ep. 23- The Aaron Clift Experiment

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Here at Proglodytes, we are thrilled to welcome back Aaron Clift (singer/keyboardist) and Devin North (bassist) from The Aaron Clift Experiment to talk about their forthcoming album, If All Goes Wrong, which will be crowdfunded through IndieGogo. We talk about the influences that you’ll hear, the process of writing a new album, and the state of progressive music in the 21st century. Give it a listen, and then click here to their IndieGogo page and pledge! (Don’t lie…You know you want some Aaron Clift Experiment socks…)

You can download the MP3 file here.

Music intro provided by Advent Horizon.

Video for The Aaron Clift Experiment’s crowdfunding campaign:

Video mentioned during the podcast of the string quartet during “The Castaway Saga” at RoSFest:

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