Podcast Ep. 13 – Bent Knee

This episode of Proglodytes Radio Podcast is brought to you by Helix Cuffs – high quality, handmade men’s accessories in raw Earth metals. To receive a 20% Proglodytes discount, just use the promo code “prog” at checkout.

Thomas and Arthur discuss Jon Anderson, ponder which Lord of the Rings character best corresponds with previous Prog God winners, and later, Thomas interviews experimental progressive rockers Bent Knee.

(note: sorry about the technical difficulties that are, as we explain, the result of a curse from an evil wizard and not a result of our lack of competence)

Bent Knee is progressive in the truest sense – a highly experimental, genre-bending band that writes music that writes music that is both highly experimental and catchy.

To purchase Bent Knee’s wonderful, rich album Say So, check them out on their Bandcamp or at Amazon.

Theme music for the podcast provided by ADVENT HORIZON. Bumper music composed and recorded by Arthur Hatton.


3 thoughts on “Podcast Ep. 13 – Bent Knee

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