Podcast Ep. 06 – Yossi Sassi

yossi sassiThis episode of Proglodytes Radio Podcast is brought to you by Helix Cuffs – high quality, handmade men’s accessories in raw Earth metals. I’ve handled these things myself, tried them on, and I think they’re PERFECT for a prog metal fan. To receive a 20% Proglodytes discount, just use the promo code “prog” at checkout.

We were extremely pleased to be able to interview Yossi Sassi, a founding member and guitarist from Orphaned Land, who is now heading his own solo work under the name Yossi Sassi Band.

Arthur, Xerxes, and Yossi discuss Yossi’s unique blend of influences (spiritual, musical, cultural), his decision to leave Orphaned Land and pursue a solo music and production career, and his upbringing.

Yossi even demos the instrument he invented, the bouzoukitara, live on the podcast.

To pre-order Yossi’s newest album, Roots and Roads, and receive a signed copy, please check out YossiSassi.com.


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