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Proglodytes was created in January 2016 by Arthur and Thomas Hatton. We enjoy reviewing progressive rock and progressive metal music and talking to musicians. We write blog posts and we also do a podcast.

Thomas Hatton, Owner, Co-Founder (thomas at proglodytes dot com): Manages content, artist relations, editing, advertising, paid sponsors.

Contact Thomas (proglodytesmusic at gmail dot com) if you are a:

MUSICIAN, MANAGER, or RECORD LABEL who would like to be reviewed, interviewed, or featured on Proglodytes or Proglodytes Radio

Fan who would like to volunteer as a REVIEWER

Potential SPONSOR who would like to be promoted on Proglodytes or Proglodytes Radio


  1. This is a great analysis, but you forget one major item: Any band is defined by its lead singer. Since Jon Anderson is the voice of Yes, I think ARW deserves multiple more points.


  2. This site seems to be using excessive amounts of memory on my Mac – more than 2 GB and still increasing (using both Safari and Chrome browsers). Google’s Chrome also moans that it is “trying to load scripts from unauthorised sources”, which might mean something or nothing. Any idea what might be going on?


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