Prog Primer: Intro to Jethro Tull

Have you ever wanted to get into a band, but you feel intimidated by their discographies? Prog Primer was created to help you, the listener, get a sense of where to start.

Everyone’s heard Jethro Tull. That’s pretty much certain. Chances are, you’ve heard “Aqualung”, or “Locomotive Breath”, or maybe you’ve heard “Thick as a Brick”. And if you’re on our website, you’ve probably heard even more than that. But what do you know about the full Jethro Tull catalogue? In my case, as a ‘greatest hits’ Tull fan, I was really excited to talk to Ian Beabout (producer, sound engineer, and massive music fan) about the entire Jethro Tull discography, from their breakthrough in the late 60s and early 70s, to present day. We had a great conversation that spanned five decades of music, starting with the band’s humble beginnings and ending slightly before their latest album, The Zealot Gene, was announced (Ian notified me that it was coming out just a week after the podcast was recorded!).

Here’s a playlist of all of Jethro Tull’s various chapters.

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Intro music intro provided by Advent Horizon. (Song: “Invasion Theorem”)

Outro music provided by Avandra (Song: “Threshold of Evolution”)

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