Toehider to reissue latest album ‘I Like It’

It’s no secret that we at Proglodytes love Toehider. If you’ve heard his music, you know that Michael Mills is an infuriatingly talented guy. If you haven’t heard Toehider, consider it a priority! His music is a brilliant mix of technical ability, heart, humor, and wit. His music is almost always accompanied by digital illustrations by Andrew Saltmarsh, who together create the highly unique Toehider universe. Last year, Toehider released an incredible album, called I LIKE IT! (which also made our Proglodytes’ Picks list for 2020). This amazing record will be released in North America, as a 2LP/CD set. Check out the press release below, and check out Toehider’s amazing music!

“Melbourne’s eclectic duo known as TOEHIDER are pleased to announce their latest album ‘I LIKE IT’ will be released as a 2LP/CD SET on April 2nd, 2021.

The collaborative project between singer/multi-instrumentalist MIKE MILLS & graphic designer ANDREW SALTMARSH is the 4th full length studio album and 20th overall release (after a series of 12 EPs in 12 months kickstarted the project a decade ago, along with a few more along the way).

The collection of tracks on ‘I Like it’ showcases Toehider’s diverse influences, blending 80s pop/rock & metal, with Mike Mills’ trademark vocal gymnastics, modern prog guitar wizardry, and more.

“I LIKE IT is now officially coming to North America! The songs on this album were handpicked by the most hardcore Toehider fans, 12 songs which were the absolute magic, the cat’s pajamas, the certified BEST of the lot we put together on our Patreon over the last couple of years. This release will be a first for Toehider as it will also be available as a double 180gram gatefold sleeve vinyl, as well as gatefold CD. Brilliant!” – Mike


  1. Go Full Bore!
  2. wellgivit
  3. Rancorous Heart
  4. Moon and Moron
  5. Concerning Lix & Fairs
  6. The Ultimate Exalter
  7. Died of Dancing
  8. Bats Aren’t Birds
  9. The Guy That No-One Really Knows
  10. He’s There… and Then He Does THAT
  11. How Much For That Dragon Tooth?
  12. I Like It!

Order here:

Watch the video’s for the album singles here:

“He’s There… and Then He Does THAT”


More about TOEHIDER:

After releasing their debut EP back in 2008, Toehider caught the world’s attention by releasing an impressive 12 EPs in 12 months, covering everything from up-beat pop & heavy progressive metal, to children’s audiobooks & chilled out folk. Soon a live act was formed and, in 2011, the band’s first full album To Hide Her was released. The band continued to release albums over the next few years, while supporting a number of great acts on tour including Devin Townsend, Caligula’s Horse, Voyager and others.

An invitation by Arjen Lucassen for Mike Mills to sing on the Ayreon album ‘The Theory of Everything’ would lead to greater exposure for the group and performances with Ayreon live. Mills would also be a featured vocalist on the Ayreon album ‘The Source’ in 2017.

In 2018, Toehider launched a Patreon campaign called ’49 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die’ as a home for Mike Mills and Salty’s prolific work and content. This project continued in 2019 with further livestreaming and content, as well as a series of digital re-releases marking the 10th anniversary of the 12in12 project, with additional commentary from Mike Mills on each track.

TOEHIDER online:

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