Prog Primer: Intro to Adrian Belew (Featuring Cedric Hendrix)

Have you ever wanted to get into a band, but you feel intimidated by their discographies? Prog Primer was created to help you, the listener, get a sense of where to start.

Of course you know who Adrian Belew is. If you’re a prog fan, you’ve likely heard his work with King Crimson. You probably have heard his work with Zappa, Bowie, Trent Reznor, and others. But how well do you know his solo work? I brought on Adrian Belew super-fan Cedric Hendrix to walk us through his diverse and brilliant discography. He shares his own personal story about how he discovered Adrian’s music, and shares some of the best entry points for those who are wanting to get into his large and varied discography. As he’s still making great music, we might have to do another one of these in a few years, but that’s a good problem to have.

Here is a playlist curated by Cedric Hendrix of some of Belew’s most noteworthy tunes.

Are you an expert on a band or an artist who would like to be interviewed for Prog Primer? Let me know at

Intro music intro provided by Advent Horizon. (Song: “Invasion Theorem”)

Outro music provided by Avandra (Song: “Threshold of Evolution”)


    1. Hi Charlie, the more I read up on you the more our find our musical tastes are so similar. I first got into Adrian when he worked with the T Heads and then moved into his solo work, i love the Lone Rhinoceros. Nevertheless, I missed his show in Dallas a few years ago before the pandemic. I know his work with Crimson is probably where you were exposed to his work.

      Take care,

      Patrick Thomas


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