Album Review: frigidkitty, “Indulgence”

Lexington-based multi-instrumentalist Kim Conlee has made a name for herself as a valuable member of numerous projects, including Bear Medicine, Big Fresh, Jeanne Vomit-Terror, Attempt, and many more. As comfortable as she is in the support role, Kim has also been working for the last several years on a solo project under the moniker frigidkitty. Her debut album, Indulgence, is the culmination of many years of work and collaboration, and the result is a diverse and thoughtful exploration of the complexities of life and relationships, delivered with beautiful sincerity and atmospheric production that gives the music a dreamlike, plaintive sound.

Indulgence, in Kim’s own words, is “a collection of personal stories discussing heartbreak, divorce, addiction, disappointment and the desire to just burn the whole thing down.” Instead of featuring a specific set of backing musicians, the album features contributions from a large group of friends and musical collaborators (listed in this press release) that all work in brilliant but understated ways- an additional backing vocal, an extra synth part- augmenting but never eclipsing Kim’s heartfelt delivery.

What’s obvious from the very first track is the amount of care put into this album, as the heavily orchestrated opener “Introduction” lulls you into the contemplative but danceable “Indulgence”. The album slides gently from genre to genre, ranging from heartbreaking, sparse folk rock (“Just the Same”), alt-country (“Gasoline”) and elegant synth-pop (“Convictions”, “Show Your Face”), all to the backdrop of intimate and candid reflections on relationships, personal trials, and love. The production gives the music a shimmering, cinematic quality, which works perfectly with the portraits that each song lovingly crafts.

Indulgence is a thoughtful, ethereal album, with gorgeous melodies, dreamlike production, and lyrics laced with melancholy and longing. While Kim’s vital contributions in her numerous projects and bands have proven her skill as a musician and a collaborator, Indulgence is an impressive opening that shows her strong abilities as a solo artist and arranger, and these carefully crafted songs will surely take residence in the minds and hearts of those who give this album the attention it deserves.

frigidkitty’s debut album, Indulgence, will be out on December 18, 2020 . Sign up for her listening party (December 12) on Facebook here, and make sure to be on the lookout for the album on the Desperate Spirits record label website.

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