Prog Primer: Intro to Devo (Featuring Kai Esbensen)

Have you ever wanted to get into a band, but you feel intimidated by their discographies? Prog Primer was created to help you, the listener, get a sense of where to start.

For the second installment of Prog Primer, we decided to learn more about Devo. Some listeners might ask- “Why would you talk about Devo on a progressive-themed podcast?” The more that you learn about Devo, the more it makes sense. The world likely knows Devo from their smash hit, “Whip It!”, or maybe the silly hats. But as you’ll learn in this episode, there is a lot more to know about Devo! I asked my friend Kai Esbensen (from the art rock band Bubblemath) to come on the podcast and talk me through the history of Devo, their lore, and their discography.

Also, Kai supplied me with a playlist of songs and videos that you can listen to if you’d like to do further discovery. Check out the playlist below:

Are you an expert on a band or an artist who would like to be interviewed for Prog Primer? Let me know at

Intro music intro provided by Advent Horizon. (Song: “Invasion Theorem”)

Outro music provided by Avandra (Song: “Threshold of Evolution”)

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