Proglodytes Playlist: Week of 5/25/2020

Proglodytes Playlist is a curated list of songs that I’ll add to each week. Most of them will feature new(er) bands, because the most important mission at Proglodytes is to share currently active, progressive leaning groups with the world, but occasionally I will include older songs as a tribute or a commemoration of an anniversary.

On this week’s Proglodytes Playlist:

Steven Wilson- “Stoneage Dinosaurs”

I am a huge fan of The Cardiacs, and I’ve been following Steven Wilson since I first heard Porcupine Tree in the late 90s. I saw this song posted in a Cardiacs fan group, from an album called Leader of the Starry Skies: A Tribute to Tim Smith. I honestly wasn’t sure what Steven would do when given the task of covering a Cardiacs song. He picked one of their more straightforward songs, “Stoneage Dinosaurs” from their album Songs for Ships and Irons. It till has enough chord changes to be a challenge, but Steven handles it well, and adds on a haunting, melancholy layer to a brilliant classic.

Haken: “Invasion”

I released my review of Haken’s new album Virus last week, and pointed out that “Invasion” was one of my favorite songs on the album. I was thinking as I wrote the review that it would make a great single, as it contains many of the elements that people love about Haken. Well, to my surprise, the day after I released my review, Haken releases not just an audio track, but a video, too! It’s a great song from a great album, and I hope it sells really well.

VOLA: “Alien Shivers”

I love VOLA. I’ll admit I’m a little late to the party, but I actually had them recommended to me through some sort of prog themed algorithm, after a Haken song. I think this song is one of my favorites by them- It’s a powerful, atmospheric progressive metal song with a really great chorus and a cool video. What more could you want?

Courtney Swain: “Moon Stalker”

My appreciation and love for the band Bent Knee is no secret, as I’ve interviewed them countless times for the blog and podcast. Well, during melancholy times, I drift towards melancholy music, and this song has haunted me since I first heard it a few years ago. This track was from her EP, Growing Pains, which I reviewed for the site in 2017. If you like this track, make sure to check out Courtney’s solo work here.

What are you listening to? Share below in the comments.

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