Moron Police nominated for Independent Music Awards, launch playthrough for “A Phantom Below”

Moron Police has been one of my favorite discoveries as of late, and I unequivocally love A Boat on the Sea, their fantastically brilliant 2019 album. They were recently nominated for 2 Independent Music Awards: Best Rock Album and Best Artwork. The music certainly deserves all of the acclaim it has received, but the artwork is equally worthy of praise!

The Independent Music Awards were created in 2000 “to recognize self distributed recordings and releases from record labels”. Judges have included legendary artists such as Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Suzanne Vega, and others. To see a band that falls within the realm of progressive receive this nomination is a very big deal. Major props to Moron Police for this fantastic honor!

If you haven’t heard Moron Police, check out their latest- a playthrough of their song “The Phantom Below” from their album, A Boat on the Sea.

Check out their latest album below:

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