Proglodytes Playlist Week 6

On this week’s Proglodytes Playlist:

We’re a few weeks into quarantine, and we’re all going a little crazy. But, it’s not the worst thing in the world to have to stay home with people that you love. I haven’t been listening to as much music lately, but when I do, I try and be very intentional as I listen. So here’s this week’s haul- hope you find something that interests or intrigues!

iNFiNiEN: “Oasis”

iNFiNiEN’s music is an amazing mix of jazz, progressive, and a million other influences. Their last album, Light at the Endless Tunnel, is one that I’ve consistently revisited over the last few years. Yes, their music is complex and multifaceted, but it’s also highly palatable, in no small part because of Chrissie Loftus’s smooth, dynamic vocals. Check out their stuff here.

Gazpacho: “Winter is Never”

As we move into spring, certain moods return. I’ve been revisiting this song in my mind. I have been completely hooked to Gazpacho’s vibe and sound since I first heard their album Demon a few years ago, at our very own Xerxes’s suggestion. Gazpacho are masters of atmosphere, and this song from their album is a great example of that. However, it’s important to note that this is one of many of their songs that I love- check out their albums March of Ghosts, Tick Tock, Night, and Demon, as well as their two latest, Molok and Soyuz.

Devin Townsend: “A Newer Reign”

Devin Townsend is one of my favorite artists of all time, and has been for the last 20 years. I truly am inspired by his ability to create music that is both diverse and honest- a rare combination. This song is about grief and mourning. I first heard it on his album Sky Blue, but he’s remixed it with a different, and in my opinion, full sound, which reminded me of how much I liked this song- it’s hard for me not to feel goosebumps when Devin shouts,
“Where did you go?” Anyone who’s struggled with loss can relate to those feelings- anger, remorse, sadness. As an aside, he’s been using these days of quarantine to release older songs and create new songs, which has been an absolute joy for me as a longtime fan, and a bit of a healing balm as we’ve all been cooped up, waiting for this awful situation to resolve.

Sanguine Hum: “Speak to Us”

I was asked to review Sanguine Hum’s album Now We Have Power a few years ago for The Prog Report, and I really enjoyed it. Sanguine Hum plays music that is deceptively complex, and somehow manages to sneak in odd times and interesting arrangements without feeling too busy or overwrought. The concept of this album, which involves the development of an endless energy source made by the perpetual spin of a falling cat with toast attached to its back, is both whimsical and heartfelt.

What are you listening to? Share below in the comments.

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