Proglodytes Playlist: Week 4

Proglodytes Playlist is a curated list of songs that I’ll add to each week. Most of them will feature new(er) bands, because the most important mission at Proglodytes is to share currently active, progressive leaning groups with the world, but occasionally I will include older songs as a tribute or a commemoration of an anniversary.

On this week’s Proglodytes Playlist:

Tesseract: “Juno” Live at Bloodstock 2019

I love TesseracT. I think they’re the perfect gateway drug to modern progressive metal. Musically, they’re a formidable group of players, and they’re led by one of the most talented frontmen/vocalists in the scene, Daniel Tompkins. This song is a terrific showcase of the variety of their sound. If you like this song, make sure to check out the rest of their 2018 album Sonder, as well as Daniel Tompkins’ recent solo album, Castles.

The Dear Hunter: “Gloria”, from Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional

The Dear Hunter is another band that has gained a dedicated following over the last few years. Led by Casey Crescenzo, The Dear Hunter never shies away from progressive themes and grandiose storytelling elements. Casey has been telling a long-form story, over several albums, which might be misinterpreted or mislabeled as pretentious, but the music of The Dear Hunter is always highly melodic and catchy. Like TesseracT, I think The Dear Hunter is a fantastic entry point band for folks that might not consider themselves “prog fans”, but are interested in acclimating themselves to music with progressive elements. Of course, if you’ve been around Proglodytes, you know my view of what “prog” is is quite malleable and broad.

Tigran Hamasyan: “Drip” (feat. Berklee Middle Eastern Fusion Ensemble)

If you are into experimental/progressive music, and you’ve never heard Tigran Hamasyan, you are depriving yourself. Tigran is an incredibly inventive composer, who seamlessly blends elements of jazz, fusion, funk, prog, djent, Armenian folk, Indian konnakol…I mean, the better question is what is NOT being included in this 8 minute video? This video will have you on the edge of your seat, and at 6:26 once the Konnakol solfege starts, it’s the equivalent of a dubstep drop. Watch this, please.

Mike Patton / Joey Baron / Trevor Dunn / John Medeski: selections from John Zorn’s “Moonchild” septology (Templars: In Sacred Blood)

John Zorn is one of the most brilliant, and adventurous (read as: weird) composers out there. He instantly found a musical soulmate in Mike Patton, who requires no introduction, and has collaborated with him off and on for several decades. This video features Patton, along with Zorn’s frequent drummer Joey Baron, Mr. Bungle bassist Trevor Dunn, and John Medeski (most famously from jazz trio Medeski Martin and Wood). The music is spastic, varied, and intense, as bursts of frenetic energy are amplified by Patton’s trademark screeches. To echo a Youtube commenter: I don’t know what’s going on, but I like it.

What are you listening to? Share below in the comments.


  1. Sheesh! I haven’t heard anything like that John Zorn composition since … well, I don’t know when. If you ever want to frighten your granny to death to inherit her fortune just play her that video. Fortunately, I’m made of sterner stuff. 🙂


  2. Sheesh! I haven’t seen anything like that John Zorn composition since … well, I don’t know when. If you ever want to frighten your granny to death for her inheritance just show her that video. Fortunately, I’m made of sterner stuff! 🙂


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