Proglodytes Playlist: Week 1

Proglodytes Playlist is a curated list of songs that I’ll add to each week. Most of them will feature new(er) bands, because the most important mission at Proglodytes is to share currently active, progressive leaning groups with the world, but occasionally I will include older songs as a tribute or a commemoration of an anniversary.

On this week’s Proglodytes Playlist:

Jeavestone: “Human Games”

I first met Jeavestone at Progtoberfest. I was watching the Ultimate Queen Celebration, featuring the incredible vocal talents of Marc Martel. A group of guys showed up and started shouting and dancing and singing at the top of their lungs. At one point, one of the men turned to me and gave me a hug. I learned later that these spirited fellows were part of the Finnish band Jeavestone. They have a bit of a punk energy that is generally absent from the “progressive” genre- think Gentle Giant-esque harmonies and odd rhythms with big power pop chords. (Buy their 2016 album “Human Games here)

Voyager: “Runaway”

I have a soft spot for the synth pop of the 80s- Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, Talk Talk. So, when I heard Australian band Voyager’s song “Runaway”, I was immediately impressed with their combination of progressive metal and synth-y pop hooks. After doing some quick research, I learned that they have been around for several decades, and that they have written numerous singles that unashamedly feature keytar solos, so they are definitely good in my book. They recently were shortlisted for Eurovision 2020 after submitting this track, so I’m really happy that their blend of synth pop and progressive metal is making waves. (Buy their latest album Colours in the Sun here)

Major Parkinson: “Jonah”

“I dreamt I was a beautiful boy/sleeping in the womb of an animal”. I was wondering how Major Parkinson would move forward after their incredible Blackbox album. Their last single, “Munchausen by Proxy”, showed us more of their anarchic, frightening side, but the latest single, “Jonah” is glittery, majestic, surrealist synth pop. Produced by the legendary Gareth Jones (of Depeche Mode fame), and featuring the award winning show choir Los Alamitos Sound FX, this track is like floating through space while eating cotton candy. Major Parkinson has quickly become one of my favorite bands out there, so I very much look forward to what comes next. (Buy “Jonah”, their latest single, here)

What are you listening to? Share in the comments.

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