Steven Wilson announces new pop album

Steven Wilson, known for his work in progressive rock band Porcupine Tree and for a number of highly successful solo albums, announced a bold new “evolution” in his music at a press conference in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

“Look, I think I’ve made it clear in my concerts that the whole “prog” world has become a tired thing for me, you know? So I feel like it’s time for me now to move on from it. Progress, if you will. So I’ve met with some new friends that I’ve gotten to know over the last few months through various label associates, and I’m very excited to announce my new album, 2 Hot 4 U.”

Cover Design by Low Effort Productions

Wilson’s latest pop masterpiece borrows equally from his previously stated influences such as ABBA, Talk Talk, and Peter Gabriel, but also from more modern influences, such as Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boys, and O-Town. To solidify his pop credentials, Wilson sought out the help of prolific producer Pharrell Williams, who was able to reach out to a long list of collaborators to create a true pop masterpiece.

“At first I hesitated, because the songs felt a little juvenile, but everyone seemed to be really supportive of the new direction. Sometimes I’d say something sarcastic or offer some meta-commentary on modern pop in the form of a sardonic parody, such as the hip-hop anthem and lead single, “Ur Effing Whack”, but people seemed to really go along with everything, which was just hilarious and fun. I haven’t rapped since Deadwing‘s title track, and really, that was just me trying to sound spooky, so I don’t know if that counts. Also, working with all of these pop star personalities made me want to write a sequel to Fear of a Blank Planet.”

From the trip hop of “Don’t H8 On Me” (which features a bangin’ merengue midsection featuring Cardi B and Drake), to the new stoner anthem “Toke and Pass”, to the Bollywood-ready dance number “Still Permanating, This is Odd” (which features none other than ABBA superstar
Agnetha Fältskog), to Wilson’s melancholy lament on social media, “Tired of Snapchat”, Wilson is positioning himself to not just take over the progressive pop world, but also all popular music, everywhere.


1.) 2 Hot 4 U (ft. Migos Clan)
2.) Don’t H8 On Me (ft. Cardi B & Drake)
3.) Ur Effing Whack 😉
4.) Toke and Pass (ft. Post Malone & Snoop Dogg/Lion)
5.) Tu Eres Muy Hot (ft. Pitbull)
6.) Tired of Snapchat
7.) YOLO LOL ROFL (ft. Souldja Boy & Rofl)
8.) I Promise To Luv U (ft. Justin Bieber)
9.) My Wife’s Corpse (ft. Mikael Åkerfeldt)
10.) Still Permanating, This Is Odd (ft. Agnetha Fältskog)

Wilson’s latest, 2 Hot 4 U, will be available later this year. Click here to pre-order Steven Wilson’s new album, 2 Hot 4 U.


  1. Some of the names of the guests are some of my do not listen top 10. Hopeful this is fake news .I would listen to a Steven Wilson pop album if he made one


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