Album Review: Source,“Totality”

Colorado-based power trio Source have returned with their second full-length effort, called Totality (Pavement Music). While managing to avoid the dreaded “sophomore slump,” the band takes a step toward truly establishing its own identity, setting itself apart from its influences like Tool, Chevelle, and A Perfect Circle.

With the aid of producer Ulrich Wild (Defotnes, Pantera, Dethklok, White Zombie), Benjamin Gleason (guitars and vocals), Justin Mirarck (drums), and Riley Selleck (bass) have created an album that builds on the sound of their debut album, Return to Nothing, while simultaneously creating more accessible songs for fans with more “radio-oriented” mindsets.

The tone is set quickly with the swirling synth-oriented intro of “Benjamin,” which soon breaks out into the band’s soaring signature sound. Every aspect of the music is tight and focused, able to deliver a great deal of information in a relatively short period of time. This establishes a pattern for the rest of the album. Source is a band capable of both songcraft and quality musicianship.

The music is being played in a slightly higher register than before, giving it the “snap” needed by fans who may not have appreciated the 90s “nu-metal” sound. This gives added depth and crispness to tunes like “Sinking” and “Intimacy,” which are prototypical for this album. The music has a stage-ready feel, meaning few, if any, gimmicks will be necessary to play this music live.

Only at the very end of the album does the band offer an epic-length piece in “Embodied,” which does a great job in summing up both what this band has been and what it is going to be.

Source adds to its overall sound with use of keyboards, acoustic guitars (on “Between”) and percussion like tablas to help propel itself to the next level. While we are still occasionally reminded of the influences, Source is well on the way to sounding like themselves.


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Source’s sophomore album, Totality, was released through Pavement Music, on March 1, 2019. Order it here.

MUSICIANS: Benjamin Gleason (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards); Justin Mirarck (Drums); Riley Selleck (Bass)


  1. Benjamin
  2. Sinking
  3. The Witness
  4. Intimacy
  5. Philiac
  6. Unsure
  7. Between
  8. The Changes Constant
  9. Totality
  10. Embodied

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