Proglodytes Picks of the Week

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What is a Proglodyte? Well, in simplest terms, a Proglodyte is someone who is obsessed with music. While progressive music might be the the glue that holds the Proglodytes page together, we are fans of almost every genre and style, and are constantly foraging through the musical landscape, trying to find new bands and songs that inspire or challenge or touch our hearts. So, here is our first edition of many: Proglodytes Picks of the Week!

Thomas: The Cardiacs, “Big Ship”

The Cardiacs was one of my favorite discoveries of 2017. Famously called “pronk”, their trademark style was a dizzying mix of punk aggression and progressive technical wizardry. Their discography spans several decades, so it’s been really amazing to dive through their work through over the years. I found this video of their song “Big Ship” (from their 1986 mini-album with the same name) from their live movie, From the Pond. Big chords, incomparable energy, electrifying presence- this video embodies what I love about The Cardiacs.

Brief aside: Tim Smith, the mind behind The Cardiacs, has been in very rough health lately, and has a JustGiving campaign to pay for medical bills. Consider donating!

Cedric: Mary Halvorson, “My Mind I Find in Time,” from Code Girl 

There aren’t a ton of innovators in music, but Mary Halvorson is definitely one of them. She is the Adrian Belew of jazz guitar. Her guitar tone stands out remarkably while fitting in perfectly with her band, Code Girl. This group is playing accessible avant-garde jazz. Those looking for a true musical adventure from a highly innovative band stretching jazz further into the 21st century should give this a go. Here’s a track from Mary Halvorson’s album, Code Girl (Firehouse 12 Records, 2018), called “My Mind I Find in Time”.

Xerxes: The Sea Within, “Ashes of Dawn”

The Sea Within’s debut album reflects the band’s makeup by sounding alternately like the Flower Kings, and Pain of Salvation. I think the band is better when sounding more like the latter and “Ashes of Dawn”, the album’s opener has a certain PoS feel without being derivative of them. It’s a terrific opener and I’m excited to see it live.

What are YOU listening to? Send us your suggestions in the comments section.

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