Exclusive Video Premiere- “Love and Light” by The Dirty Diamond

Proglodytes is thrilled to premiere The Dirty Diamond’s new single, “Love and Light”. The Dirty Diamond is a Los Angeles based rock band that features 4 members with impressive rock and roll credentials: Sam Babayan (Slow Motion Reign) on guitar/lead vocals, Fernando Perdomo (Dave Kerzner, Todd Rundgren, Linda Perhacs) on guitars/vocals, Derek Frank  (Shania Twain, Air Supply) on bass/vocals, and Shay Godwin (Andra Day) on drums/vocals. The band recently won the JBL Professional Songwriting Contest for their track, “Changes”, and are excited to share with the world their newest video, “Love and Light”, a psychedelic musical catharsis of self discovery and collective awareness, set to the backdrop of the Mojave desert.

Lead vocalist Sam Babayan is originally from Armenia, a country which has faced considerable challenges. Those historical and personal struggles have informed Babayan’s message of pain, growth, and reconciliation, and are reflected in the lyrics of “Love and Light”. From the press release: “Behind the veil of human suffering and historic atrocities (wars, slavery, genocide) lies an opportunity for collective learning, growth, and evolution of consciousness. “Love and Light” touches on the prospect of healing from ancestral trauma, and moving forward, hopefully, as a more evolved species, not condemned to repeat our dark past.” Musically, “Love and Light” is a straightforward rock and roll track with Phrygian flourishes, paired with driving melodies, big chords, and a hook that will be stuck in your head for days. Check out more of The Dirty Diamond’s music here.

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