Album Review: Jandergan, Tilted Heads EP

I’ve been following  Lexington-based band Jandergan since I first saw them open for Dream the Electric Sleep (another fantastic Lexington band). They have a unique sound that is melodic without being saccharine, and technical without being overbearing. They recently released their sophomore EP, Tilted Heads. This album seems to represent a coalescing of their sound that only comes with time and familiarity.

The opener, “Waxwing”, almost sounds like an intersection between Foo Fighters, Minus the Bear, and early Phish. What begins as a very straightforward rock track quickly turns into a web of rhythm and syncopation. I am always a fan of a great opening track, and “Waxwing” is a fantastic, spirited statement, complete with solid drumming, excellent guitar interplays, and a hummable and catchy melody and refrain. The title track of the album, “Tilted Heads”, has a cleverly stilted, melodic vocal line and provides a balance to the energy and spirit of the opener. “Good Morning (for David)” may seem like a breather, but is a track with a lot of conceptual depth and sadness. “Anxious for a Change” is a bit melodically darker than the rest of the EP, but still maintains the now-trademark syncopation and scintillating instrumentation that are key attributes of Jandergan’s sound. The closer, “Sleepless Decisions” finishes off the album with jazzy, atmospheric instrumental interplay and introspective lyrics.

Jandergan, as of yet, has not released a full album. They are relatively new, and their fan base is steadily increasing. While I think the album has a solid sound, what I hear in Tilted Heads is tons of potential. With each release, they’ve become more confident and have developed a style of their own. Jandergan is a band to keep an eye on.

Jandergan’s latest EP, Tilted Heads, can be purchased here.

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