Prog 101 – Episode 3 (Death of Prog)

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Thomas and I are often asked by friends, relatives, and annoyed eavesdroppers about prog music. What is prog? Why is it such a big deal? Why do you love it so much? How can I get into it?

This series is a consolidation of all our advice on progressive rock and metal. It’s a series that will help you understand prog from its origins all the way to the current time, with specific recommendations along the way to help you hone in on what you like.

Please listen, share, and enjoy!

Prog 101 – Episode 3: The Late ’70s to the late ’80s

For the first half of the episode, Jim shares his candid thoughts with Arthur and Thomas about the 4 albums that were assigned for him to listen to in the last episode (Don’t get too mad!). In the second half, Thomas talks about what happened after the initial “death” of prog, and challenges the assertion that prog ever died in the first place as he discusses prog music that came out in the late 70s and throughout the 80s. Arthur and Thomas then give Jim 4 more album recommendations.

Theme music provided by ADVENT HORIZON.

Proglodytes Radio Podcast is co-produced by Arthur Hatton and Jim Britt.

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