Podcast Ep. 20 – Prog and Order 2

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In the progressive rock legal system, the musicians are represented by two important, yet equally important groups: a big old heap of lawyers doing legal stuff, and management. These are their stories.

In the second installment of Prog and Order, we reunite with the Honorable James Britt (who is not a judge, but does have a law degree) and discuss the latest in progressive rock. For this edition, we decided to change the format a bit. Our podcast becomes a courtroom, with Jim as the judge, and Arthur and Thomas as the plaintiff and dependant (you choose who is who), and we set out to settle the most controversial and intense disputes in progressive rock.

CAGEMATCH ONE: YES vs. ARW (now Yes featuring Anderson, Rabin, and Wakeman)



Theme music provided by ADVENT HORIZON. The Prog and Order theme song was composed and recorded by Arthur Hatton, and performed by Arthur and Thomas Hatton.

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