Devin Townsend: What will he do next?

Devin Townsend recently said in an interview that he was thinking about changing the direction of his art. He said, in an interview with Ultimate Guitar, “To be perfectly honest, I think I’m really close to the end of that [Devin Townsend Project] style.” While we at Proglodytes are big fans of Devin’s music, and thought Transcendence was a wonderful offering from the Devin Townsend Project, we are excited to see where Devin is headed next musically. We thought it would be fun to speculate where he is headed. Here are some possibilities:

A duet with Barbara Streisand

Image result for barbra streisand
Maybe on a follow up to Casualties of Cool?


He’s got the dancing thing down…

Adult Contemporary Music

Image result for devin townsend r&b
First album: ‘Music to Clean Dishes To’

Strapping Young Lad reunion

Image result for strapping young lad reunion
Ehhhh….probably not.

And if he leaves music:

Circus ringleader

Related image
Wouldn’t be THAT much of a departure

Chia Head model

Related image
Devin, as played by Kevin Nealon

Sesame Street puppeteer Caroll Spinney

Image result for sesame street puppeteer oscar
For when Caroll Spinney retires?


Where do you speculate that Devin is headed with his music?

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