Podcast Ep. 19 – Ben Levin

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In this episode, Arthur and Thomas kick off 2017 about four months late by sharing some awesome prog news. THEN, Thomas interviews the very wise and interesting Ben Levin of the brilliant Bent Knee, the amazing Ben Levin Group, and several other bands. Ben also talks about a new project he will be working on later this year, after receiving a grant from The Boston Foundation (through their Live Arts Boston program).


Here is an example of the types of educational videos that Ben shares on his Youtube channel:

To see some more of  Ben Levin’s instructional videos, click here.

Proglodytes Radio Podcast is co-hosted by Arthur Hatton and Thomas Hatton, and co-produced by Arthur Hatton and Jim Britt.

Theme music for the podcast provided by ADVENT HORIZON. Bumper music composed and recorded by Arthur Hatton.

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