Ayreon announces new video contest for ‘The Source Will Flow’

To build anticipation for The Source, ( which will be released in AprilArjen is facilitating a video contest. Several fan made videos were made for the latest track, ‘The Source Will Flow’, and he is inviting fans to vote on the best one, so that it can be the “official” video. The four videos are provided by Carles Hortela, Nicola Renzi, Beltran Luque, and Rafael Ortega. You can head to Ayreon’s website here to vote for your favorite fan video.

This was a smart marketing move from Arjen. 1.) Ayreon has always been about collaboration under Arjen’s watch, and this allows for various artists to collaborate with him in a different way/through a different medium. 2.) Fans that want to have an honest opinion will have to listen to the song 4 times, which won’t hurt his marketing 3.) The videos have decent production values, especially compared to what you see in progressive metal generally, and I would guess that he didn’t pay tons of cash to have these made.

Here are the videos- head to his website here to vote for your favorite.

Carlos Hortela:

Nicole Renzi:

Beltran Luque:

Rafael Ortega:

Which one was your favorite? Comment on here or on our Facebook page.

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