Dillinger Escape Plan involved in terrible bus accident: Link to Gofundme here

The Dillinger Escape Plan is one of the wildest, most groundbreaking bands making music right now. They have, over the last few decades, made some of the weirdest, most brutal music I’ve heard from anyone, whether it was the intense Miss Machine, or the pop metal from hell from One of Us Is the Killer, or the incredible Mike Patton collaboration EP Irony is a Dead Scene (my personal favorite), Dillinger Escape Plan can always be counted on to write innovative and boundary pushing music.

From the Associated Press: “A police spokeswoman in Poland says 13 people have been injured after a truck rammed into the bus carrying American band The Dillinger Escape Plan to a concert in Krakow.” They have been forced to cancel their tour, as much of their gear was destroyed. The truck driver was seriously injured.  Go to this GoFundMe page to donate to The Dillinger Escape Plan to recoup the lost costs from this awful accident.

EDIT- from the Dillinger Escape Plan Facebook Page:

There is no band gofundme account. Anything you may see comes from fan good will, not something we can control. We appreciate peoples’ good will and intentions, and genuinely love that some of you truly care about us, but there is no gofundme that we have launched of our own accord. There are a lot of people that need charity in this world, this juvenile time in our species’ existence is heartbreakingly still an externally grossly unfair and imbalanced place for all human beings with equally inherent worth to be born into. We are some of the fortunate ones for sure. But we cannot control what you initiate, and are appreciative, even while ridden with existential guilt.


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