Podcast Ep. 15 – Matt Page (Dream the Electric Sleep) Pt. 1

dream the electric sleep btdwsProglodytes Radio Podcast is now looking for sponsors. If you have a product, service, or website that you’d like to advertise on our podcast, please contact jim@proglodytes.com.

In this episode, we are proud to present an interview with Matt Page from Lexington, Kentucky’s fantastic prog band Dream the Electric Sleep.

To learn more about Dream the Electric Sleep or their new album, Beneath the Dark Night Sky, you can check them out on their website or on Amazon.

Listen to ‘Let the Light Flood In’, from their latest album:

Theme music for the podcast provided by ADVENT HORIZON. Bumper music composed and recorded by Arthur Hatton.

Proglodytes Radio Podcast is co-hosted by Arthur and Thomas Hatton and co-produced by Arthur Hatton and Jim Britt.

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