Podcast Ep. 14 – Joe Dorsey and Keyfest

13936638_10207109801600405_935051748_nThis episode of Proglodytes Radio Podcast is brought to you by Helix Cuffs – high quality, handmade men’s accessories in raw Earth metals. To receive a 20% Proglodytes discount, just use the promo code “prog” at checkout.

In this episode, Thomas interviews Joe Dorsey from The Tea Club about the apparently amazing Keyfest 2016. Keyfest is a keyboard workshop/festival created by Jordan Rudess to allow fantastic progressive keyboardists to network, perfect their keyboard mastery, and use keytars. And we all know the world needs more keytars.


For the instructors

Diego Tejeida: Keyboardist for Haken http://www.hakenmusic.com

Tom Brislin: Solo artist, has performed with Yes, Renaissance, Meat Loaf, and others http://tombrislin.com

Jordan Rudess: Keyboardist for Dream Theater http://www.jordanrudess.com

Individual pages for Keyfest 2016 participants

Aethra CD Baby page http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/aethra

Parallel Truth Bandcamp page https://paralleltruth.bandcamp.com/releases

Armcannon bandcamp page https://armcannon.bandcamp.com

Eren’s personal YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ErenBasbug

Jordan Rudess’ Geoshred App http://www.wizdommusic.com/products/geoshred.html

Joe Dorsey Masterclass https://www.facebook.com/oceanarchitecture/videos/10207024730753687/


Theme music for the podcast provided by ADVENT HORIZON. Bumper music composed and recorded by Arthur Hatton.

Proglodytes Radio Podcast is hosted by Arthur and Thomas Hatton and produced by Arthur Hatton.

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