Podcast Ep. 10 – Prog and Order

This episode of Proglodytes Radio Podcast is brought to you by Helix Cuffs – high quality, handmade men’s accessories in raw Earth metals. To receive a 20% Proglodytes discount, just use the promo code “prog” at checkout.

In the progressive rock legal system, the musicians are represented by two important, yet equally important groups: a big old heap of lawyers doing legal stuff, and management. These are their stories.

In the first of hopefully many episodes of Prog and Order, we welcome our Legal Correspondent, Jim Britt, who is here to tell the sordid, juicy legal details of prog legal cases that Arthur and Thomas select.

This week, we discuss three cases, all dealing with the complex legal issues surrounding who owns a band name:


CAGEMATCH TWO: Queensryche vs. Queensryche

CAGEMATCH THREE: Zappa vs. Zappa(s)

For the latest in Queensryche legal documentary history, check out AnybodyListening.net.

Theme music provided by ADVENT HORIZON. The Prog and Order theme song was composed and recorded by Arthur Hatton, and performed by Arthur and Thomas Hatton.

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