Podcast Ep. 07 – Nick DiSalvo from Elder

elder fan

This episode of Proglodytes Radio Podcast is brought to you by Helix Cuffs – high quality, handmade men’s accessories in raw Earth metals. ALL PROGLODYTES FANS GET A FREE +1 HEALTH AND +3 AGILITY ENCHANTMENT TO ALL ACCESSORIES PURCHASED… okay, not really, BUT to receive a 20% Proglodytes discount, just use the promo code “prog” at checkout.

We feel very privileged to introduce Nick DiSalvo to Proglodytes. Nick is the guitarist, singer, songwriter, and resident Fulbright scholar (!) for the proggy stoner/doom band Elder. In this episode, Arthur and Thomas discuss gamelan music, the sound of mammoths stomping, and how Elder blew our freakin’ minds when we first heard them.

To introduce yourself to Elder and purchase their music, check out their Bandcamp.

To check out the amazing video we referenced in the interview, click HERE.

Theme music provided by ADVENT HORIZON.

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