Most Disturbing Prog Face – Poll

You’ve seen them whether you wanted to or not (we’re guessing not).

Proving that the ancient myth of Medusa may have had some basis in reality, Porcupine Tree (Steven Wilson), King Crimson, and Gentle Giant all for some reason willingly chose these wince-inducing close-up faces that are about as easy to directly look at as the Sun.

This week we’ve chosen a poll that some might consider an impossible choice: get a handkerchief to dab away the inevitable tears that will come, squint a little if necessary, look at all four, and tell us which is the most disturbing prog face of all?

(or can you think of an even more disturbing one? let us know!)

Gentle Giant


In Absentia1380133_10201398275177761_1986917056_n










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