Welcome to Proglodytes!

Arthur, Alan White, Thomas (blinking), and Oliver Wakeman
Arthur, Alan White, Thomas (blinking), and Oliver Wakeman

First of all, thank you for visiting our brand new, humble progressive rock/metal review website.

With all the decent progressive rock and metal blogs out there, you may be wondering why we have chosen to create yet another one. We asked ourselves the same question.

On the selfish side, both of us have loved prog rock since we were teenagers. Our mom was a huge music fan and worked at a concert hall in Houston, Texas. This allowed her to see many amazing prog bands (and other bands too) and she passed her interests on to her children.

When we talk to each other, it always seems to come around to progressive music, and our loved ones are at this point so sick of hearing us talk about it that it was only natural for us to want to inflict our interests on an even bigger victim: the Internet at large.

But we don’t feel like this is a completely selfish endeavor. We hope that our blog occupies a unique niche in the online prog landscape. Instead of just focusing on a large quantity of superficial information, we want to go deeper. We fully believe that a true appreciation of music requires understanding the musicians themselves – where they came from, what their influences are, what it means to be a musician, why they chose to be a musician and not a steel mill worker, etc.

We’re both very people-oriented and we love learning about others and helping them (Thomas works with nonprofits and Arthur is a clinical-psychologist-in-training). For us, this especially includes musicians and fans.

Here’s what we plan on publishing here at Proglodytes:

Reviews of new, old, and classic prog albums.

Featured articles on the state of prog, various issues in prog music and the music industry, and special topics.

Interviews with prog musicians.

A podcast that will feature Thomas and Arthur as well as featured guests. We will talk about news and other prog-related stuff. We’re also thinking about creating an online radio station, but it would be a huge hassle. Not sure about that yet.

News about prog music, new albums, tours, and such.

And finally, opinion pieces.

Please subscribe, stick around, like us on Facebook and Twitter, send us messages of encouragement, and stay tuned, because we plan on having some amazing content for you very soon at Proglodytes.

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