Exhaustive Progressive Festival List 2019

Music festivals are the best way to tackle your band bucket list.   Here at Proglodytes, we thought we would try and compile a list of all of the progressive rock/metal music festival that we knew of, in case there is one that is happening close to you. If you are aware of one that we left off, or if we need to update any details, please let us know, and we’ll make sure to keep it up to date.

North America

Cruise to the Edge
 February 4-9 2019
Venue: Cruise Ship
City, Country: Florida, USA- Key West, Cozumel

Bands: Steve Hackett, Mike Portnoy, Riverside, FISH, Jordan Rudess, Neal Morse Band, Adrian Belew Power Trio, John Lodge of the Moody Blues, The Sea Within, PFM, Frost, Gazpacho, Pedragon, Hajen, Focus, Brand X, Soft Machine, Enchant, Spock’s Beard, Airbag, Magic Pie, Baraka, Electric Asturias, IO Earth, David Cross Band, In Continuum, Tony MacAlpine, District 97, Fernando Perdomo, UniKuE, Marbin, Alan Hewitt and One Nation, Rachel Flowers, Brook Hansen

Date: May 3-5, 2019
Venue: Sarasota Opera House, Mandebille Beer Garden
City, Country: Sarasota, Florida USA

Bands: Friday May 3: Cryptic Vision, Von Hertzen Brothers, The Five and Dime Boys, Saturday, May 4:Entransient, Mile Marker Zero, Karmamoi, Phideaux, Martin Barre’s 50 Years of Jethro Tull, Echo Matrix, Sunday, May 5: Edge of Reality, Traverser, Flor de Loto, Riverside

Terra Incognita Prog Festival
Date: May 17-19, 2019
Venue: La Chapelle
City, Country: Quebec, Canada

Bands: Friday, May 17: Isproject, Oak, Bjorn Riis, Saturday, May 18 Isproject, Basta!, IZZ, Airbag Sunday, May 19: Isproject, Innerspace, Phideaux, Finisterre

Date: TBA
Venue: Storybook Farm
City, Country: Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA

Bands: TBA

Seaprog 2019
Date: June 7-9, 2019
Venue: Royal Room, Columbia City Theater
City, Country: Seattle, Washington USA

Bands: TBA

DanFest 2019
Date: August 10, 2019
Venue: Royal Room, Columbia City Theater
City, Country: Girard, Pennsylvania

Bands: TBA

ProgPower USA XX 2019
Date: September 4-7 2019
Venue: Center Stage Theater
City, Country: Atlanta, Georgia USA

Bands:  Wednesday, September 4: Pretty Maids, Insomnium, Secret Sphere, Iron Mask, Thursday, September 5: Evergrey, Galneryus, MaYan, Tomorrow’s Eve Friday, September 6: Seventh Wonder, Orden Ogan, Psychotic Waltz, Barren Earth, Subsignal, Wind Rose Saturday, September 7: Demons & Wizards, Threshold, Poets of the Fall, Caligula’s Horse, Jag Panzer, Sorcerer

Progstock 2019
Date: October 11-13, 2019
Venue: Union County Performing Arts Center
City, Country: Rahway, New Jersey, USA

Bands: IO Earth, Discipline, Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius, The Cyberiam, more TBA

Progtoberfest V
Date: October 12-13, 2019 (pre-party on October 11)
Venue: Reggies Chicago
City, Country: Chicago, Illinois USA

Bands: TBA


Complexity Fest
Date: February 16, 2019
Venue: Patronaat Haarlem
City, Country: Haarlem, The Netherlands

Bands: The Ocean, Shining, The Armed, Klone, PinioL, Lotus Eater

Prognosis Festival
Date: March 22-23, 2019
Venue: Effenaar Grote Zaal
City, Country: Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Bands: Friday, March 22- Haken, Leprous, Soen, The Gathering, Alex Skolnick Trio, Wheel (Conferences and clinics as well). Saturday, March 23: Tesseract, Witchcraft, Sleepmakeswaves, Cog, Green Carnation, Our Oceans, Nosound, Prognosis, Golden Caves, Jo Quail, Letters from the Colony

Fusion 2019
Date: March 22-24, 2019
Venue: Stourport Civic Centre
City, Country: Stourport-on-Severn, England

Bands: Friday, March 22- Focus, The Gift, Hey Jester Saturday, March 23:  The Book of Genesis, England, Final COil, I Am the Manic Whale, Dec Burke, Encircled, Hats Off Gentleman It’s Adequate Sunday, March 24:  Frank Carducci Band, IO Earth, Circu5, Spiral Key, Emperor Norton, Leafblade

Prog in the Park
Date: April 6, 2019
Venue: Glen Pavilion
City, Country: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/212460709393100/?fref=gc&dti=1212533295490905&hc_location=ufi

Bands: StillMarillion, Alan Reed and the Daughters of Expediency, Noddy’s Puncture, Afterglow, Altres

Artrock Festival VII
Date: April 12-14, 2019
Venue:Neuberinhaus Reichenbach
City, Country: Vogtland, Germany

Bands: Arena, IQ, RPWL, Karat, Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, Credo, Franck Carducci, Mystery, Red Sand, Sylvan, Silhouette, Anton, Cyril, Melli Mau & Martin Schnella, Mirror, Polis, Seven Steps to the Green Door

The Winter’s End Progressive Rock Festival 2019
Date: April 4-7, 2019
Venue: The Drill Hall, Lower Church St, Chepstow
City, Country: Chepstow, United Kingdom

Bands: Friday, April 5: RPWL, Midnight Sun, Aaron Brooks,  Saturday April 6: Threshold, Abel Ganz, Cyril, Weend o, Exploring Birdsong, Sunday, April 7: Kayak, ZIO, Godsticks, Crystal Palace, L’Anima

Gouveia Art Rock Festival
Date: May 3-5, 2019
Venue: Teatro-Cine
City, Country: Gouveia, Portugal

Bands: TBA

Rock in Opposition 2019
Date: May 9-11, 2019
Venue: Maison de la Musique
City, Country: Lyons, France

Bands:  May 9: John Greaves & Annie Barbazza, Mange Ferraille, Poil, May 10: Koenjihyakkei, a.P.A.t.T, Schnellertollermeier, May 11: Pinoil, The Watts (Cutler, Leigh, Holdgkinson, etc), Present, The North Sea Radio Orchestral with John Greaves and Annie Barbazza

We Låve Rock Festival 2019
Date: May 24-25, 2019
Venue: Grønsand Gjestegård
City, Country: Buskerud, Norway

Bands: Friday, May 24– Pymlico, Wobbler, Threshold Saturday, May 25– Magenta, Saluki, Arabs in Aspic, Meer

Close to the Rain- Bergen Prog Festival
Date: August 31-September 1, 2019
Venue: GUSF Verftet
City, Country: Bergen, Norway
Website: https://www.facebook.com/closetotherain.no/

Bands: TBA

Close to the Snow- Trondheim Prog Festival
Date: March 16, 2019
Venue: Nidelven Bar & Scene
City, Country: Trondheim, Norway
Website: https://www.facebook.com/closetotherain.no/

Bands: The Windmill, Adventure, Pymlico

Midsmmer Prog Festival
Date: June 22, 2019
Venue: Openluchttheater
City, Country: Valkenburg, The Netherlands
Website: http://midsummerprog.com/

Bands: IQ, Pure Reason Revolution, Focus, JOLLY

Rock the Coast Festival
Date: June 14-15, 2019
Venue: Marenostrum Music Castle Park
City, Country: Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain

Bands: Friday June 14: Scorpions, Europe, UFO, Tarja, Carcass, UDO, Wintersun, Graveyard, Seventh Wonder, Blayze Bayley, Angel Witch, Alealdid, Saturday, June 15: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Opeth, The Darkness, Michael Monroe, magnum, Dark Tranquility, Conception, Twelve Foot Ninja, Freedom Call Jinger. To Be Confirmed: Angelus Apatrida, Arkona, Leo Jimenez, Aborted, Von Hertzen Brothers, Absolva, Hypnose, Crisalida, Dry River, Debler, Taken Siddharta, Bloodhunter, Hitten, The Holeum, Chaos Before Gea, The Broken Horizon, Thyrant

Night of the Prog Festival XIII
Date: July 19-21, 2019
Venue: Loreley Amphitheater
City, Country: Sankt Goarshausen, Germany

Bands: Friday, July 19: IQ, Dilemma Saturday 20: Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, Karcius, t, Sunday 21: The Steve Hillage Band, Ranestrane, OAK

Eppyfest 8
Date: TBA
Venue: St. Margaret’s Hall
City, Country: Cheltenham, UK

Bands: TBA

Festival Rock au Chateau de Villersexel
Date: August 3-4, 2019
Venue: Château de Villersexel
City, Country: Villersexel, France

Bands: The Flower Kings, Martin Barre, Pat O’May Band, Tryo, Anima Mundi, ZIO,

A New Day Festival 2019
Date: August 2-4, 2019
Venue: Mount Ephraim Gardens
City, Country: Faversham, UK

Bands: Glenn Hughes performs Classic Deep Purple Live, Fish, Wilko Johnson, Jethro Tull’s Martin Barre, Hawklords, Focus, Uli Jon Roth, Mungo Jerry, Soft Machine, The Sweet Stonewire, Climax Blues Band, Band of Friends, Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs, Solstice, Sacret Geometry, Martin Turner, Jawbone, Lapis Lazuli, The Fierce and the Dead, Kingdom of Madness, The Regulars, Kangaroo Moon, JKackie McAuley, Leatherat, Jackie Lynton Band, Tommy Justice, Thunderstick, Kanda Bongo Man, Kylver, True Deceivers, Bad Touch, Madeline Secker

Date: August 17-19, 2019
Venue:  Esplanade du Concié
City, Country: Saint Palais Sur Mer, France

Bands: Triangle, Nexus, Gungfly, IO Earth, Pixie Ninja, Sky Architect, Kentish Spires, Blank Manuskript, Lo Zoo Di Berlino, Monnaie De Singe

2Days Prog +1 Festival
Date: TBA
Venue: Piazzetta della Musica
City, Country: Veruno Novara, Italy

Bands: TBA

Progdreams VIII
Date: September 20-22, 2019
Venue: Boerderij Cultuurpodium
City, Country: Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Bands: Von Herzen Brothers, John Hackett Band, Gazpacho, Finch, The Watch, The Paradox Twin, Knight Area, Sky Architect, Frank Carducci, IO Earth, The Dame, Moonparticle

Euroblast Festival
Date: September 27-29, 2018
Venue: Essigfabrik
City, Country: Cologne, Germany
Website: http://www.euroblast.net/en/

Bands: TBA

ProgPower Europe
Date: October 4-6 2019
City, Country: Baarlo, The Netherlands

Bands: Friday October 4:  Diablo Swing Orchestra, TBA Saturday October 5: Psychotic Waltz, Persefone, Voices from the Fuselage, Sunday October 6:  Teramaze, Kong, Prehistoric Animals

The Summer’s End Festival
Date: October 3-6, 2019
Venue: The Drill Hall
City, Country: Chepstow, England

Bands: Collage, Wobbler, Hasse Froberg and Musical Companion, Phideaux, District 97, Comedy of Errors, Lesoir, Mayra Orchestram The Windmill, Talitha Rise, The Far Meadow, The Kentish Spires

Ready for Prog? Festival
Date: October 11-12, 2019
Venue: Le Metronum
City, Country: Toulouse, France

Bands: Mobius, Eldritch, Shattered Skies, Mangiance, More TBA

Date: October 26-27, 2019
Venue: O2 Shepherds Bushg Empire
City, Country: Pwllheli, North Wales

Bands: Gong, The Pineapple Thief, Uriah Heep, Caravan, Soft Machine, Hawklords, Krankschaft, Captain Starfighter and the Lockheeds, Vintage Caravan, Pre-Med, Pearl Handled Revolver, 4th Labyrinth

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