Members of Yes and ARW Bury Hatchet, Plan Re-Union Tour

Untitled collageFans of classic and modern Yes rejoice! Members of current Yes lineup, along with Yes featuring Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman, gathered together as a group for the first time since the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to bury Hatchet, a thrash metal band from Bay Area, California. Hatchet lead singer Eric Lundgren said of the strange activity, “We weren’t notified that we’d be buried, but it is legendary prog-rock band Yes, after all. And being buried alive is pretty metal.” The members of Yes weren’t able to solidly explain what this activity was meant to resolve, but Rick Wakeman said, “We thought it would be a fun way to pass the weekend.”

Following the burial of Hatchet in an undisclosed desert location, Yes and ARW members are to begin planning for their world tour as Yyeess, a combination group featuring almost everyone who has ever played with Yes. The Re-Union tour will begin in late 2018, as soon as Yes’s management figures out an easy way to book entire hotels at once. In order to save stage space:

  • Jon Anderson, Jon Davison, and Benoit David will sit on each other’s shoulders for the entirety of each of the concerts. A committed physical therapist will attend every live event to ensure no permanent damage occurs.
  • Rick Wakeman, Patrick Moraz, Wakeman the Younger, Geoff Downes, Tom Brislin, and Eddie Jobson will each play one or two of the keyboards in Geoff Downes’s rig.
  • Billy Sherwood and Trevor Horn will each play on one neck of a double necked bass. Tony Levin will play Chapman Stick in an orange vest over to the side.
  • Steve Howe will play guitars by himself, just because. Trevor Rabin will sing vocals, play tambourine, and will play air guitar during all solos.
  • Bill Bruford, Alan White, Dylan Howe, and Jay Schellen will forego traditional drumming altogether, and each play on a different sized triangle.

Due to legal complications, Yyeess will not be playing anything from the Yes discography, so they will instead play an hour and a half long extended version of “Teakbois” from the self titled Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe record. Encore rumors are not confirmed, but one completely unverified source has claimed that they will attempt to play a 20 minute extended version of “Five Per Cent for Nothing” backwards.

Read more about Yyeess and Hatchet burying here. 


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