Podcast Ep. 09 – Kevin Gilbert Tribute

kevin gilbertOn May 18, 1996 (twenty years ago), the world lost a singular and beautiful artist – Kevin Gilbert. Thomas, Arthur, and our special guest Iris Hidding discuss the life and music of Kevin, how much he’s meant to us over the years, and what we can learn from him.

If you’re a fan of Kevin, please feel free to discuss his music here in the comments. Send us your views!

We love Kevin’s stuff and we hope you do, too.

Click below for the podcast:

Theme music provided by Advent Horizon and later music is from Arthur Hatton.






Bonus Content! Here’s a song that I wrote about a few musicians, including Kevin:


  1. Reblogged this on Grendel HeadQuarters and commented:
    Proglodytes uploaded their latest Podcast, which is a tribute to the wonderful Kevin Gilbert! … And guess what? Your roving reporter is guest hosting in this episode! Go listen to it now!


  2. In 1994 I heard the song “Last Plane Out” by Toy Matinee and I really liked it so I bought the cassette tape. I was surprised to find that every song on the album was good. The song “the Toy Matinee “has a Pink Floyd vibe that I love.”the Queen of Misery” reminds me of Steely Dan. Great song writing and vocals by Kevin. He will be sorely missed. God only knows how awesome he would be if he was still with us. I can’t explain why but the song “We Always Come Home”always makes me cry. Guess I am too sensitive but I am a singer songwriter myself. I guess I am also emotional and can relate! Danny


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